Monday, January 6, 2014

Some slaying debuts to come out in 2013

Below I am mentioning briefly some debut albums that have grabbed my attention based on my homework on numerous reviews and/or recommendations on websites, Last.Fm, music networks, musicblogs, Bandcamp and webzine's year-end lists. Seems like when my all-time favorites retire or wither away, there are plenty of newcomers to carry the flame.

Situs Magus: Le Grand Oeuvre (Avantgarde Music)
(Black Metal, France)

Crushing atmospheric black metal in the vein of Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega. Immense atmosphere, relentless blastbeats and blackened desire.

Killing track: Oeuvre Au Rouge

Stream the album below:

Grave Miasma: Odium Sepulcrorum (Profound Lore Records)
(Black / Death Metal, United Kingdom)

Straightforward black/death metal from the crypts of London. Possibly the biggest surprise of the year.

Stream the entire album below:

Beyond: Fatal Power Of Death (Iron Bonehead Productions)
(Death Metal, Germany)

Iron Bonehead Productions simply cannot fail, another great addition to their ranks along with Bölzer, Possession and Cult Of Fire. Brutal, old school death metal that will break your neck from all the headbanging.

Listen to the album below:

Primitive Man: Scorn (Mordgrimm)
(Sludge/Doom Metal, US)

Down-toned, crushing and hateful doom from Denver, Colorado. Music is as heavy and compelling as the cover art suggests.

Stream the album below:

Apocynthion: Sidereus Nuncius (Pest Productions)
(Post Black Metal, Spain)

Blackgaze, post-metal and post-rock elements all combine together making this band interesting and worth checking out.

Stream the album below:

Vorum: Poisoned Void (Woodcut Records)
(Death Metal, Maarianhamina, Finland)

Well-done death metal from the independent island of Maarianhamina: a circle pit happiness of headbanging.

Stream a sample below:

Lumbar: The First And Last Days Of Unwelcome (Southern Lord Recordings)
(Doom / Sludge Metal, US)

Another supergroup crafted to near perfection: Aaron Edge (IAmTheHorn, Roareth), Tad Doyle (Fucking Tad) and Mike Scheidt (YOB) give a stormwarning of things to come.

Stream & support below:

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