Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Slaying debuts relased in 2013 pt. 3

Below I am mentioning briefly some debut albums that have grabbed my attention based on my homework on numerous reviews and/or recommendations on websites, Last.Fm, music networks, musicblogs, Bandcamp and webzine's year-end lists. Seems like when my all-time favorites retire or wither away, there are plenty of newcomers to carry the flame.

Caves Of Glass: Caves Of Glass (Little League Records)
(Post-metal, US)

I need to copy this from the Bandcamp as it describes the music exactly: This self-titled work is their only release to date, and it's one to be treasured. Caves of Glass bring you crushing, atmostpheric post-metal at it's finest. Booming drums, intricate bass melodies and crushingly low-end guitar come together to create this self titled release's unique and diverse sound. For fans of artists such as Deafheaven, MONO, Cloudkicker and Pelican.

Stream & support (pay what you will) here:

Goatess: Goatess (Svart Records)
(Doom/Stoner Metal, Sweden)

Ex-Count Raven and current Lord Vicar singer Chritus' new project will please any fans of traditional doom: great vocals, epic & well-crafted songs and contemporary 70's atmosphere.

Listen to Alpha Omega below:

Magister Templi: Lucifer Leviathan Logos (Cruz Del Sur Music)
(Heavy/Doom Metal, Norway)

There is something imminently likable about the sound, the vocals and the atmosphere Magister Templi is offering. A combination of heavy and doom metal wrapped in occult fiction topped with subtle fumes of Pagan Altar, Mercyful Fate and Atlantean Kodex.

Stream & support here:

Magic Circle: Magic Circle (Unsigned/Independent)
(Doom Metal, US)

How in the hell are these guys still unsigned? A perfect combination of Black Sabbath, Solitude Aeturnus and Orchid. Excellent vocals, catchy songs and fitting atmosphere, a band to watch out in the future. Singer Brendan Radigan is active in Stone Dagger too, a killer new heavy metal band.

Stream the entire album here:

Entropia: Vesper (Unsigned/Independent)
(Black/ Progressive Post-Metal, Poland)

Found this by accident as I was browsing through year-end lists and these guys took me by surprise! A blend of different genres that holds together beautifully due to strong musicianship and maturity in songwriting.

Stream & support (pay what you will) here:

Lord Dying: Lord Dying (Relapse Records)
(Sludge/Stone Metal, US)

Bumped into these guys via Bandcamp (my ultimate playground and the reason I am pretty broke) and found out the hype about these guys is very much justified.

Stream & support here:

Gutslit: Skewered in the Sewer (Transcending Obscurity India)
(Brutal Death Metal, India)

Dirty, distorted and guttural death metal from the sewers of Mumbai. Not necessarily powerplay material, but the guys keep it short, brutal and real. The result is 29 minutes of headbanging to other than chicken Tikka.

Stream & support here:

Nephren-Ka: The Fall Of Omnius (Kaotoxin Records)
(Death Metal, France)

Nephren-Ka is more or less Nile's European counterpart, but equally brutal and awesome. Lyrics are based on Frank Herbert's epic saga Dune from 1965, which is world's best-selling science fiction novel.

Stream & support here:

Wędrujący Wiatr: Tam, gdzie miesiąc opłakuje świt
(Black Metal, Poland)

I am not too familiar with the Polish metal scene, other than the obvious Vader, Behemoth, Hate, Mgla, Decapitated, Graveland, Vesania, Plaga and Crionics but Wędrujący Wiatr (Wandering Wind) is rocking my boat just right: atmospheric black metal about Polish folklore, nature and legends. The production is a bit muddy and vague, but the music makes up for it.

Listen to the title track below:

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