Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Album Of The Month, December 2013

Eye Of Solitude: Canto III (Kaotoxin Records)
(Death Doom Metal, UK)

I can still vividly recall when I first heard Mourning Beloveth's The Sullen Sulcus. That sent me flying backwards and made me question all my power metal years: why have I spent my years listening to this happy, double bass battle music, when there is dark, epic music that crushes your soul and makes you feel alive? The Sullen Sulcus embodied the essence of doom to me and ever since that day I have been a sucker for fantastic death doom metal. Even today that album never ceases to amaze me and whenever I return to it I am ready declare doom to rule over the world.

It was about six weeks ago when I was browsing Angry Metal Guy's reviews and bumped into Eye Of Solitude. Canto III received a lot of praise and a rating of 4,5/5. My eyes popped out: what the hell is this Eye Of Solitude and why haven't I heard of them before? Pretty soon I found them on Kaotoxin's Bandcamp (I have mentioned that I love Bandcamp, haven't I?) and I eagerly pressed play. The very first song Act I: Between Two Worlds (Occularis Infernum) floored me completely! Bloody hell, this is exactly how I want my death doom to sound like: painful melodies, beautiful keyboards, soul crushing deep growls and haunting atmosphere. Once the spoken part in Italian started, the song was lifted to another level and I was already travelling to Rome fighting against the demons in the cold, grey marble hall filled with possessed priests and wounded angels.

Eye Of Solitude formed in London back in 2010 and according to Last.Fm are inspired by bands like Anathema, My Dying Bride and Draconian. Canto III is the third full length in band's career, so they have been quite productive. I cannot speak for the entire discography yet, but the megapack I just received today includes the sophomore record, Sui Caedere, which is up next on my playlist. I hear contemporary influences from Saturnus and Evadne, but to me their music is a dark and melodic journey filled with utter hopelessness and distress. The songs are long & epic and they are packed with emotions that will crush your heart and drain your soul. Due to the absolutely stunning and utterly murderous vocals of Daniel Neagoe they are able to reach almost similar sobbing depths on Act IV: The Pathway Had Been Lost as Chile's finest folk doom duo Uaral, which sadly disbanded in 2013. 

Canto III is packed with a spectrum of sorrowful and depressive emotions that you need to hear if you love death doom metal. You won't be getting happy or radio-friendly one liner choruses and it doesn't make you jump for joy. Doom is all about letting go of your inner fears, embracing mortality and accepting solitude and distress in the circle of life. It may not suit everybody, but for a delicate and sensitive person like me it's all I need after a long and stressful day at work. 

Stream the album here and support this excellent band!

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