Monday, January 6, 2014

Slaying debuts to come out in 2013 pt. 2

Below I am mentioning briefly some debut albums that have grabbed my attention based on my homework on numerous reviews and/or recommendations on websites, Last.Fm, music networks, musicblogs, Bandcamp and webzine's year-end lists. Seems like when my all-time favorites retire or wither away, there are plenty of newcomers to carry the flame.

Ellende: Ellende (Talheim Records)
(Ambient Post-Black Metal, Austria)

Atmospheric black metal with some modern twists for the fans of experimental black metal.

Stream & support below:

Torture Chain: Mutilating Astral Entities (Razors and Medicine)
(Black Metal, US)

Long-awaited black metal debut from one of the most interesting underground US black metal bands.

Stream the entire album here:

Carpe Noctem: In Terra Profugus (Code666 Records)
(Black Metal, Iceland)

Iceland is one of the most interesting countries to produce topnotch black metal, Carpe Noctem is no exception and annihilates mercilessly.

Stream & support below:

Grave Upheaval: Untitled (Nuclear War Productions)
(Death metal, Australia)

Absolutely gloom, raw, distorted and utterly horrifying caveman death metal from the lungs of hell.

Stream & support below:

Gravecode Nebula: Sempiternal Void (Baneful Genesis Records)
(Black/Doom Metal, US)

Blackened doom devouring all sunlight and hope from one of the most unexpected cities to produce metal (Salt Lake City).

Stream & support here:

Usnea: Usnea (Orca Wolf Records)
(Black/Doom Metal, US)

Another fine combination of black and doom from Portland, which have yet to failed me in producing kick-ass metal.

Stream & support below:

Power Trip: Manifest Decimation (Southern Lord Recordings)
(Crossover / Hardcore / Thrash metal, US)

Crushing riffs, merciless sound and relentless energy that will have you headbanging and mosh-pitting until the little fat beach boy in you wear outs.

Stream & support below:

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