Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top Metal Albums 2011 #9

#9 While Heaven Wept: Fear Of Infinity
This was my last year's most anticipated album. Their previous effort Vast Oceans Lachrymose was the best album to come out in 2009 and my expectations were running sky-high for this one. Tom Phillips & his crew don't disappoint me with this one, I guess I was only hoping it to be longer and heavier. Don't get me wrong, it still possesses all the elements that makes While Heaven Wept one my favorite bands: stellar vocals, beautiful singing harmonies, great musicianship and emotional songs. 

You have to remember that this is a concept album and all the songs will have to be listened in the chronological order from start to finish. That is executed very well and they pull it off masterfully. Only thing that has changed is that there are also faster power metal like elements, which might not be pleasing to old-school doom metal lovers. All in all, you have to listen to the music as it is without constant comparisons to their previous works. WHW remains one of the best bands currently to me and I am hoping to catch them live soon.

Choosing the right song from a concept album is difficult, but the album closer Finality demonstrates beautifully why you should love this band. 

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