Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top Metal Albums 2011 #2

#2 Woods Of Desolation: Torn Beyond Reason
Right you got it, this is where I got my blog's name from. Why didn't this make to number one? Well, it did and stayed there for many weeks but in the end it had to step down. Woods Of Desolation put out the finest black metal album of 2011, hands down. If there is only one black metal album you want to hear from last year, pick Torn Beyond Reason. TBR consists of screamo vocals, tremelo guitars and blastbeat drumming. Doesn't really turn you on? The atmosphere, emotional songs and melodic parts are the thing here making WoD a winner in my books. The production is also respecting the black metal roots, so don't expect crystal clear sounds.

Torn Beyond Reason is utterly crushing and devastating, yet soothing and beautiful. 

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