Sunday, January 8, 2012

Album Of The Year 2011

#1 Primordial: Redemption at the Puritan's Hand
In the end nothing could really prevent Primordial from taking the number one spot. This is currently the best music metal has to offer. I probably listened to about 150 albums in 2011 and my list is based on that. Sure with repeated listens and extra time (quit my job?), the list could be different but there is no use in second guessing. 

Redemption at the Puritan's Hand is a pretty straightforward album as singer Nemtheanga (Alan Averill) once said in an interview. It deals with death and all things related to it. Primordial's music has been labelled as Folk/Celtic/Black metal, but the vocals are not growls. In fact the vocals are main reason why I love this band. They cut straight to my senses and connect emotionally and spiritually. It was actually only 2011 I first caught them live and when Nemtheanga shouted "We are Primordial from the Republic of Ireland!" goosebumps were all over me. I was immediately sold and seeing him give 100% with painted mask makes you proud to be alive and wakes your warrior spirit.

Primordial 15.7.2011 Hammer Open Air

The great thing about RatPH is that it seems to grow with each listen. Out of the eight tracks, I have tagged four loved tracks to my Last.Fm profile. Bloodied Yet Unbowed, Lain With the Wolf, God's Old Snake and Death of the Gods offer the finest moments in metal in 2011. You need to hear and own this album.

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