Monday, January 9, 2012

Top Metal Albums 2011 #50-41

#50 Loss: Despond
Funeral Doom (USA)

#49 Krisiun: The Great Execution
Death Metal (Brazil)

#48 Symphony X: Iconoclast
Progressive Metal (USA)

#47 Havok: Time Is Up
Thrash Metal (USA)

#46 Argus: Boldly Stride The Doomed
Traditional Doom (USA)

#45 Blood Ceremony: Living With The Ancients
Doom Metal (Canada)

#44 Necros Christos: Doom of the Occult
Death/Doom Metal (Germany)

#43 Anthrax: Worship Music
Heavy/Thrash Metal (USA)

#42 Colosseum: Chapter 3: Parasomnia
Funeral Doom (Finland)
Funeral Doom is one tough genre to master. I am slowly learning and beginning to understand why at times it is the perfect way for someone to express solitude, isolation and paganism.

Colosseum's final act was released one year after Juhani Palomäki's passing (RIP) and On The Strand Of Nightmares is the perfect funeral march in his honour. Colosseum make my list at #42.

#41 Machine Head: Unto the Locust
Thrash Metal (USA)

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