Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 albums watch-out list

Here's a list of some my most anticipated albums for 2013 (to be updated):

Helloween: Straight Out Of Hell (out 18.1.2013)
Saille: Ritu (out 18.1.2013)
Fen: Dustwalker (21.1.2013)
Cult Of Luna: Vertikal (out 25.1.2013)
Hatebreed: The Divinity Of Purpose (out 25.1.2013)
The Prophecy: Salvation (out 6.2.2013)
Stratovarius: Nemesis (out 11.2.2013)
Suffocation: Pinnacle Of Bedlam (out 15.2.2013)
Mourning Beloveth: Formless (out 15.2.2013)
Portal: Vexovoid (out 19.2.2013)
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow: Saivon Lapsi (out 22.2.2013)
Saxon: Sacrifice (out 22.2.2013)
Omnium Gatherum: Beyond (out 23.2.2013)
Darkthrone: The Underground Resistance (out 25.2.2013)
Soilwork: The Living Infinite (out 27.2.2013)
Rotting Christ: Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού (out 1.3.2013)
Essence: Last Night Of Solace (out 29.3.2013)
The Ocean TBA (out 29.4.2013)

Ghost: Infestissumam (spring 2013)
Deafheaven: Sunbather Spring 2013 (stoked!)
Light Bearer: TBA (stoked!)
Summoning: Old Mornings Dawn (stoked!)
Dark Tranquillity: TBA (May 2013)
Slayer TBA
Wormed TBA
Carcass TBA
Obscura TBA
Beyond Creation TBA
Black Sabbath TBA
Alice In Chains TBA
Cynic TBA

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