Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Best metal albums 2012 #30-21

30. Bell Witch: Longing
(Doom / Sludge, USA)

Preview: Rows (Of Endless Waves)

29. Hellwell: Beyond The Boundaries Of Sin
(Heavy Metal, USA)

Preview: Eaters Of The Dead

28. Daylight Dies: A Frail Becoming
(Death Doom, USA)

Preview: A Final Vestige

27. Árstíðir Lífsins: Vápna lækjar eldr
(Black / Folk Metal, Iceland)

Preview: Ék sé framtíð í ísa broti

26. Accept: Stalingrad
(Heavy Metal, Germany)

Preview: Flash To Bang Time

25. Testament: Dark Roots Of Earth
(Thrash Metal, USA)

Preview: Native Blood

24. Paradise Lost: Tragic Idol

Preview: Honesty In Death

23. Sophicide: Perdition Of The Sublime
(Technical Death Metal, Germany)

Preview: Freedom Of Mind

22. Mors Principium Est: ...And Death Said Live
(Melodic Death Metal, Finland)

Preview: I Will Return

21. Anaal Nathrakh: Vanitas
(Black Metal / Grindcore, England)

Preview: Forging Towards The Sunset

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