Sunday, November 25, 2012

Best metal albums 2012 #40-31

It has been a while since I updated my blog, so I decided to pick up where I left. This year has been great with lots of surprises, disappointments and totally mind blown albums. This year I decided to write a review only for the top 20 albums, but I will publish my picks from #40.

40. Oak Pantheon: From A Whisper
 (Folk / Black Metal, USA)

Preview: It

39. Eternal Helcaraxe: Against All Odds 
(Pagan Black Metal, Ireland)

Preview: We Assist Death

38. Evadne: The Shortest Way
(Death Doom, Portugal)

Preview: Album Teaser

37. Wodensthrone: Curse
(Black Metal, United Kingdom)

Preview: Battle Lines

36. Barren Earth: The Devil's Resolve
(Death Doom, Finland)

Preview: The Rains Begin

35. Process Of Guilt: Fæmin
(Doom/Sludge, Portugal) 

Preview: Faemin (Full Album)

34. Sigh: In Somniphobia
(Avant-garde Black Metal, Japan)

Preview: The Transfiguration Fear

33. Okera: A Beautiful Dystopia 
(Death Doom, Australia)

Preview: A Beautiful Dystopia

32. Wildernessking: The Writing Of Gods In The Sand 
(Black Metal, South Africa)

Preview: Rubicon

31. My Dying Bride: A Map Of All Our Failures
(Doom Metal, United Kingdom)

Preview: Poorest Waltz 

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