Saturday, March 3, 2012

January 2012 Surprise Of The Month

The 11th Hour: Lacrima Mortis

Lacrima Mortis is the follow-up for their debut Burden Of Grief released in 2009. The dutch multi instrumentalist Ed Warby is a very ambitious and self-demanding guy, who is well known for his contribution in e.g. Demiurg, Hail Of Bullets, Star One and Ayreon. The 11th Hour is his own project and he has put a lot of work and effort to please us with his music.

When I first heard Ed's crisp and theatrical clean vocals, they didn't connect me on emotional level. His singing technique is stellar, but what left me cold at first was the tone of his voice. However, with repeated listens I found out that the phrasing might be done on purpose to contemplate the growls. The harsh vocals on this album are done by Pim Blankenstein from Officium Triste and he does a great job. On a sidenote: if you are not familiar with Officium Triste before, do yourself a favor and get to know to this great death/doom band. 

What you will hear immediately is that the production is very well done: powerful, crisp and heavy. Some might complain it is too sterile, but I wouldn't go there. The guitars, bass and drums sound as they should to my ear for a doom metal record. The songs are versatile, clocking from five minutes to eight making the total album length 52 minutes. Lacrima Mortis doesn't push the boundaries of death/doom metal into another level, but this album is very fresh and interesting listen. The melodies and vocals harmonies are done masterfully and I can warmly recommend this to any doom lover.

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