Saturday, January 26, 2013

Best metal albums 2012 #10-8


Preview: Kiss My Ashes (Goodbye)

I still remember it like it was yesterday. I saw Paul Kuhr from Novembers Doom updating on 21 December 2011 that the singer of Woods Of Ypres and his good friend David Gold has passed away at the age of 31 in a car accident. For some reason all these sudden and unnecessary deaths of the young metal musicians have intrigued me in the past few years and this was no exception. I knew the band before, but I had never really listened to their music. I decided to give it a try this time.

Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light is a very personal, touching and emotional album. When you listen to the lyrics (yeah, you can actually hear them as there is no growling on this album!) I can't help but thinking that did he know what was going to happen? Some of the lyrics are so profound and final that it brings tears to your eyes. There are Type O Negative type (due to the vocal resemblance with the late Peter O. Steele, RIP) and then you have some the most touching ballads you've ever heard with the album closing duo Finality and Alternate Ending. It wasn't until the last few months that this record really hit me and made its way to my TOP10. The album clocks just over an hour and takes you from one emotion to another. I strongly recommend this album to all. And David, may you rest in peace, you are missed already.


Preview: It's Not Because Of You

I have been struggling for a while whether you can classify this album as metal or should it be under stoner / psychedelic rock? I came to the decision that it deserves to be on the metal list as it has been mentioned on other year-end lists as well.

Witchcraft was founded in 2000 and Legend is their fourth full length album. The band has gone through a major line-up change as only the bass player Ola Henriksson and singer Magnus Pelander are remaining from the original line-up. The sound is very catchy and guitar driven stoner rock or psychedelic hard rock with top-notch musicianship. However, everything is dominated by Magnus' brilliant and professional vocal delivery. After the fifth spin of this album I was convinced that this album deserves to be in my TOP10. When you get in the mood of Legend, you can easily linger at its dominion for a couple of days and still it doesn't wear you out. It's hard to pick my favourite songs, but currently they are Deconstruction, It's Not Because Of You and White Light Suicide.

I was lucky enough to catch them live just two weeks ago and the sound was huge and pretty heavy live and Magnus & the guys totally killed me and the rest of the crowd. Highly recommended for your listening and viewing pleasure!

All We Love We Leave Behind

Preview: Aimless Arrow

My first encounter with Converge took place only three or four years ago. These guys have been around for more than 20 years and the genre picking and bending is pretty hard again. Some label them as hardcore or chaotic hardcore and some even mathcore or metalcore. So where's the metal you might ask? To all the non-believers I have to say just push play and make up your own mind. The songs are in-your-face, fast, short and filled with pure hatred, energy and power. I personally am a sucker for long and epic tunes for it was kind of hard to get into their world. The breakthrough happened to me this year and I didn't even have to force myself into it.

This album needs to the heard from the first song to the last in the correct order. Then you will understand why it is so powerful and the choice for Album Of The Year in many webzines. I didn't go that far cause I am still getting to know my hardcore. Personally I enjoyed the title song All We Love We Leave Behind for the first time I heard it. It was only later when I came to know that the song is actually about losing your beloved dog after many years, sounds not so metal huh? Well, all the animal lovers out there know what it feels like to part with your family member: it crushes you totally and every time I hear this song I remember to cherish the time with the ones I love. Life is too short anyway, so don't let it go to waste.

Finally I'd like to encourage everybody to catch them live, it doesn't change your life but it will change your perspective on how to give 110% on stage. And a word of warning: the moshpits are totally crazy so if you decide to enter, do NOT hold back!!

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