Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fresh flesh from Bandcamp - Part 1

Wildernessking: The Devil Within (EP) 2014

Wildernessking is a young and extremely talented bunch of young lads from Cape Town, South Africa. I am not that familiar with South African metal scene, but what these guys have to offer is a real treat. I still recall stumbling into them when Angry Metal Guy was ranting about their debut album The Writing Of Gods in the Sand back in 2012. I ordered the album almost immediately after AMG's review and am happy I did. After 10+ spins the album is still revealing something new and exciting.

Although these guys are new to the scene (the band was formed in 2011), they bring something fresh and out-of-the-box thinking black metal. While the lyrics deals with nature, death and infinity, the approach in music is a combination of soft toned riffing and ferocious drumming and almost screamo-styled ferocious and passionate vocals. I think it would be fair to say, they are a lovechild of Enslaved, Deafheaven and Wolves In The Throne Room. The guys are currently getting ready to record their sophomore album and at least for me the tension is running high. Their entire discography is up for grabs from their Bandcamp and can be warmly recommended for any fan of atmospheric or progressive metal.

Autumn's Dawn: Autumn's Dawn (EP) 2014

Autumn's Dawn is a brand new depressive black metal project from Sorrow (ex-Austere, ex-Woods Of Desolation, ex-Grey Waters and Germ) and Anguish. Those familiar with Sorrow's previous work can jump on this album immediately, all the familiar Austere elements shine through marvelously: crisp and emotional guitar leads, raw production and above all bleak and melancholic atmosphere.

The streaming track The Death Of Hope gives you a glimpse of what they have to offer and emotionally this track suits me like a glove. The mid-paced tempo, wailing guitar and raw & passionate vocals take me on a misty path in the black woods where rain is gently caressing my face and while my footsteps are filled with despair, redemption is just a heartbeat away.

Autumn's Dawn self-titled EP is scheduled for release 21 April 2014, but the EP is now ready for preorder from Eisenwald's Bandcamp and for a lousy 5 euro will make your spring a lot more bearable and hungry for debut album.

Predatory Light: MMXIV (Demo) 2014

Predatory Light is a black/doom metal outfit from Santa Fe, New Mexico US and MMXIV is their first demo. Homework reveals that it features members from Ash Borer, ex-Alrunes and ex-Drought. The music is based on relentless and distorted transcendental black metal riffing, but the dark and heavy doom elements add value and another dimension to their sound. It will be interesting to see, what these guys have to offer in the future but for the time being I am sold and will keep on eye on their career. Finally it is always interesting to see, how the power of underground music is never to be underestimated: the cassette version is already sold out from their webstore although the demo was released only a month ago. This restores some of my faith to humanity.

Adora Vivos: Toward the Empyrean (EP) 2013

If you are still gutted about untimely and tragic passing of David Gold in 2011 as I am (RIP David), you'll be glad to hear that apart from the obvious Thrawsunblat carrying their legacy, Adora Vivos from Rochester, Minnesota US is another great band to ease your pain. The band features members from Amiensus and Dread Veil among others and offers a fresh and power intake of progressive doom metal.

There is a lot to like about this EP, first of all the baritone sounding deep clean vocals are the reason why I compared them to Woods Of Ypres. Aside from that Toward The Empyrean offers great production, excellent vocal harmonies, perfectly layered clean and harsh vocals and most of all simply good and addictive songs. I am totally blown away from the quality of this recording and recommend it any progressive metal fan.

██████Demo 2013

Wedonthavename or simply ██████ is a black metal / screamo / atmospheric outfit from Plzeƈ, Czech republic. I kept seeing them pop-up on my friend's charts and was puzzled what the heck those back boxes mean. A few minutes and googles after I found out it their way of blacking out their name, since they don't have one and then it all started to make sense. This young and talented band was founded in 2011 and the demo features four songs (parts), which represent the personal feelings of some band members (taken from their Facebook page).

For me the music matters and these guys are offering an interesting mix of genres. The vocals are extremely in-your-face, powerful and demanding yet true to their purpose. The musicianship is a mix of tortured tremolo guitars which remind of Ash Borer / Fell Voices and great drumming which reminds of Deafheaven from time to time. Altogether everything just fits and the wholeness holds together beautifully and makes my neck sore but my mind and body ready for another assault. The entire demo is available from the Bandcamp for mere 50 CZK which is less than 2 euro. If you are a fan of any of the mentioned band or fan of atmospheric and experimental black metal this demo is warmly recommended.

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