Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I have been struggling with my top 10 list for some time now. I have been switching places and using all kinds of methods while trying to figure out how the heck I can get these albums sorted out in some kind of order. Finally I came up with a solution: I prepared a scorecard and decided to use different categories to break down the albums: replay value, no skipping, songwriting, atmosphere and uncanniness. When I added them all together, I got the maximum points of 40. This helped me a lot (the little perfectionist I am) and one album scored the perfect 40 points and I then suddenly realized the issue has been solved.

However, since so many great metal albums were released last year, I decided to raise five more albums to the limelight. What struck me even more that I was so passionate and wanton with my ratings that all the top 15 albums scored between 36 and 40 points. Thus I had to raise those albums higher where some of the criteria received full score. In the end this all means that many placings in my list are totally interchangeable, but the top 5 have been pretty solid for some time.

15th place Hell: Curse & Chapter (Nuclear Blast)

An infernal passage into the roots of old school heavy metal. Theatrical and over-the-top vocals topped with great riffing, stellar songs and instant headbanging classics for that beer infested metal night with friends.
Killing cuts: Darkhangel, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Land Of The Living Dead
Points: 36/40

14th place Orphaned Land: All Is One (Century Media Records)

An outstanding mix of Middle-Eastern rhythms, impeccable guitar work, memorable melodies, catchy songs and an airy and mystical atmosphere disconnecting from the reality.
Killing Cuts: All Is One, Brother, Through Fire And Water, As I Stare At The Ocean Alone
Points: 36/40

13th place Light Bearer: Silver Tongue (Halo Of Flies)

Enormous, passionate, touching and crushing journey through a whirlpool of emotions.
Killing Cuts: Beautiful Is This Burden, Aggressor & Usurper, Silver Tongue
Points: 36/40

12th place Atlantean Kodex: The White Goddess (Cruz Del Sur Music)

The perfect sing-along album for that metalhead born in the 70's: passionate vocals, great songwriting and epic songs in its true meaning. Makes you want to start forging your own sword, drink ale from a dead animal's horn and raid villages.
Killing Cuts: Sol Invictus, Heresiarch, Twelve Stars and an Azure Gown
Points 36/40

11th place Eye Of Solitude: Canto III (Kaotoxin Records)

Desperation wrapped in gloomy, depressive and suffocating mould. Perfectly built atmosphere and great balance between utterly hopeless and oppressive growls and haunting keyboards and orchestrations.
Killing Cuts: Act I: Between Two Worlds (Occularis Infernum), Act III: He Who Willingly Suffers
Points: 37/40

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